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What is an ok-to-wake clock?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

In short, an ok-to-wake clock is a clock that tells you when it is ok to wake up. This might feel off given that normally we expect clocks tell us when to wake up and not really when it is ok to wake up.

To understand this concept we have to understand the sleep struggles of the parents of toddlers. Some toddlers are good sleepers, they like to sleep during the night and take regular day time naps. But there are some (or many?) who like to wake up in the early hours of the morning, we are talking about 4/5am. These little explorers then like to venture off and find something to do and find someone to play with. Generally, that someone is tired parent of this kid. The parents are trying to catch a good night sleep when they are woken up by the fun-loving kids. Not an ideal situation.

The little kids want to listen to their parents (mostly) and stay in bed until it's wake up time, but they truly don't know how to tell when it is time to wake up. Kids do understand the concept of time, but they have a hard time figuring out when it is bed time or wake up time. Adults do know this because they can read time off a clock but for little kids reading time of a clock is out of their skill set. This is where they need extra help and an ok-to-wake toddler clock comes in handy. The ok-to-wake clock gives visual indication to kids, so they can associate and understand what time it is. So now, the child who was wandering into their parent's bed at 5am will look at the clock to realize that it is not yet time to wake up and will stay in their room.


Woohoo App is an ok-to-wake toddler clock. It provides adorable visual time indications so that kids can easily tell when it is bed time or waking up time. Please try out Woohoo by downloading it on your iOS or Android device.

Bed time
Sleeping Woohoo for bed time indication

Wakeup time
Awake Woohoo for wakeup time indication
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